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Known as the home of Georgia’s Gold Rush in the 1820s, Dahlonega's history predates it by many years with local Native American tribes. It seems that no where on Earth is free of the paranormal. How does the moment record itself? If you feel that your home or business needs to be investigated for paranormal activity, please feel free to email us at and we will be happy to get you in touch with a local Atlanta, Georgia, group who can help you. It’s OK that Uncle Bob continues to walk up and down the stairs even though he died ten years ago. Thurs., Oct. 22, 2020, 7PM – Ghosts and Haunts of World War II at Ball Ground Public Library, Thurs., Oct. 29, 2020, 6PM – Talk TBD at Dawson County Library. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, north of Atlanta, was the site of a bloody battle of the Civil War in 1864. What is important is that people thought (and still think) that contact with the other side could be a possibility. There’s just one huge problem with … Continue reading →, Editor’s Note: This post was previously released three years ago, but we thought we would revive it for Halloween this year.

Regardless of their label, shadow people could very well be more than just one type of being. It looked as if she was gently smiling at me as she floated across the floor and disappeared into the wall that led to the back yard. The traditional German doppelgänger is a paranormal entity that when seen is taken as a portent of bad luck and that if you see your own double, you will soon die. Soldiers have been spotted at Mount Hope Cemetery and a dark energy felt at the Fred Jones building. As paranormal investigators, we find that those people who accept the paranormal activity in their homes and function normally in spite of it can better emotionally accept that said activity occurring is OK. Yep. The house I’ve lived in for nearly 20 years suddenly becomes a strange place full of odd noises and shadows and I’m convinced that every burglar in the greater-Atlanta area is trying to break in. Even before I … Continue reading →, Hey, folks! Photo: Herbert Ponting/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain. Guests have reported smelling smoke, and fire alarms have gone off at the time the original fire took place. Led by a paranormal investigator and psychic medium, Decatur Ghost Tour visits some of the city’s oldest homes that are said to be haunted and a Civil War cemetery year-round. Why are we here? Some even speculate that there are natural causes that lead us to believe that we are seeing a shadow person. There's no shortage of places with ghost stories around Macon, from the sighting of a soldier at Fort Hawkins to the apparition of the late managing director at the Grand Opera House. This led to an influx of people claiming to have mediumship-like abilities, a medium being one who claims that they can make contact and/or speak with the spirits of the deceased. Hoax or not, they were able to make a short career out of claiming to interact with ghosts.12. Dalton's history has connections to Native American tribes that were removed on the Trail of Tears, the Civil War and other sordid tales. Investigating the paranormal is more about the living than it is the dead. Let’s face it. Theorists also consider that these shadows could be time travelers. These moments are fleeting and forgotten after a few hours. If you feel that your home or business needs to be investigated … Continue reading →, One of the most common questions we receive as paranormal investigators is Why do you only investigate at night? It’s every paranormal investigator’s dream. 4Ibid We are still actively doing public talks about the paranormal. Professional Paranormal Investigators Serving Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia. The crisp, cool fall air, the orange pumpkins, the free candy, and all the spooky fun you can handle! 12 ook in samenwerking met bekende mediums. My favorite is the Norwegian vardøger and the Finnish etiäinen. Decatur, just east of Atlanta, also has dark legends. And now? This is just wild speculation at this point. I did not experience the shadow man again until around 16. 6Ibid We are always after that “Holy Grail” of evidence, a full-body apparition that appears, acknowledges the camera, and disappears. So, why were the Victorians interested in ghost stories, and also, why during Christmas? Apparitions of men and women have been spotted throughout the years, all in Victorian period attire. What is truth? I have always felt I was sensitive to energies around me and maybe that is why I was seeing these visitors. The idea of a paranormal twin perfectly represents the duality of human nature; we all have good and bad sides and having a doppelgänger allows an author to give her main character the ability to act out on her evil nature while still staying separate from it. He owns Dream Beard, a company that creates amazing grooming products for men with glorious facial hair. A local restaurant is said to be visited by an early settler who wanders from the neighboring cemetery. Whether their story ended up being a hoax or not isn’t what’s important. Wishing you all a safe and hauntingly fun evening! Which leads into…. But how does that happen? All the dogs were in the backyard. During our very first investigation of Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg, TN, we captured a door opening by itself… at 8:30 in the morning! It is no surprise, then, that living in this world of the Spiritualist Movement, art began to imitate life. Halloween, or Samhain (pronounced “Sou-in”) as they called it, was the night the veil between the living and the dead was the thinnest and interaction with spirits was possible.2 Surely that would be the time for ghost stories. Then life hit me like a sledge hammer. And that’s a very valid question considering that the majority of our investigations happen in the wee hours when most people are sound asleep. Dalton Ghost Tours has been in operation for more than 15 years and visits the best of these spots. At this time, our group is on a research hiatus.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we are enjoying the snow falling on our fair city. Ghost Walk of St. Simons shares these stories with visitors. To be able to capture that, prove what it is, and share it with the world? 1Andy Williams, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, 1963 Considering that after the last supervolcano eruption 70,000 years ago killed off half the Earth’s population, it’s no wonder that humanity’s genetics can randomly create two or more people who look nearly alike with no common parentage. Jordan, our assistant director and historian, has written an awesome article about the Victorian tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas. When the world is quiet, then our audio shines and we aren’t constantly trying to account for every artificial sound we hear. The title “Victorian” most commonly refers to people who lived in England under the rule of Queen Victoria in the 19th century from 1837-1901, but the phrase can also be used to refer to much of the western world of that time. At the six-second mark, you see a short shadow figure go from the right side of the screen to the left (very quickly), and then it seems to crawl back in the opposite direction (a bit more slowly). Operating for nearly 20 years, the 2.5-hour tour is led by paranormal investigators that tell stories of Confederate soldiers and houses with dark histories. But, how is it that an emotional/traumatic moment, or a repetitive action, can be recorded, or imprinted, on a structure so that emotions and actions are accessible years, even decades, in the future? On the left is famous American actor, Matthew McConaughey. I grew up in a house that was somewhat older and my bedroom was the only bedroom that was exposed to the back yard, all other family members bedrooms were facing towards the front yard. Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations is here to find the Truth and help those that are experiencing unexplained events by offering the best investigation we can provide with all means at our disposal, including but not limiting to the latest detection equipment, sensitives, research and history, etc.

Firefighters could only reach eight of the 15 stories, and there are images of people jumping from windows. 10Ibid Quite often after I went to bed I would see a man-shaped shadow standing in the corner of my room. The Marshall House was used as a hospital in the Civil War and during Yellow Fever outbreaks, while The Kehoe House was a funeral home before becoming an inn. I took a couple of steps in and the hair on the top of my head stood on end – footsteps upstairs; undeniably footsteps.

But, at times, we do feel that we are psychologists more so than paranormal investigators. More than 4,000 men perished at this fight, mostly on the Union side. She looked as if she was from the early 1900’s because of the way she was dressed. Then, once we get home, it’s time to shuttle the kids to their various after-school activities, fix and eat dinner, and hustle off to bed. I’m learning more about life through the perception of others, plus a lot of BS in between!

That just naturally ups the scare factor because the human fear of the dark is both ancient and genetic. Heautoscopy can be symptom of schizophrenia or epilepsy and can be a biological explanation of seeing one’s own double. Well it turns out that for the Victorians any time of the year was a good time to tell a ghost story. Dahlonega Walking Tours offers tours at night, including their Boos and Brews Pub Crawl, but there’s also a self-guided option that includes stops at the Dahlonega Gold Museum, the Picnic Cafe, and the Historic Holly Theater. Photo taken by David Simmer II, PGI guest investigator, The song, written in 1963, is over 50 years old at this point, and as with many other things from the past, it does not offer up much historical context. One of our former investigators, Lani, did an amazing job researching and writing this post. Could this reflective ghostly double been a harbinger of the Civil War and his own assassination? Ghost stories, fictitious or true, were amongst the most popular stories to tell during this time. Probably the most famous doppelgänger in American history was that of President Abraham Lincoln. Not only that, but weekends are typically filled with family and errands.

A read/write head consists of a core of magnetic material, shaped like a doughnut with a very narrow gap, which is filled with a diamagnetic material (like gold). “Does it count if I wish I had been?

When Antarctica become a tourist destination beginning in the 1970s, planes would take off from New Zealand and fly over the continent, giving tourists an aerial view of the land below. Taken by: Sgootzeit/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain. Tonight’s investigation wins for the year! Frank Winecoff, the hotel’s namesake, was among the dead. The thought is that if we experience a shadow person that a catastrophic event is soon to follow. This diamagnetic material forces the magnetic flux out of the gap into the magnetic tape medium more than air would. The tagline of his podcast is Subjective truth flying through space via radio waves. Professional Paranormal Investigators Serving Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia. But, we don’t always investigate at night. Believe it or not, there are even abandoned towns, settlements, and military bases across Antarctica. These days, the grounds are open to the public, with hiking trails and exhibits on the war.

In it, she recounts her experiences with shadow people and shares a few hypotheses she has encountered in her research on this fascinating subject.

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