longboard brands to avoid

It is best for those who want to achieve a perfect and smooth ride. But remember, with this type of board you can perform many more tricks and stunts. If you have any questions or want to chat, leave a comment or hit us up via the contact form. Subsonic make a variety of decks, from cruiser to long distance pushers to downhill skating machines, and they all look fantastic. Ensure that you get as much information as you can, it would help you a lot especially as regards bushings, board, decks and other accessories. longboards too.Owned by the company Skate-one, these guys started out in 1978. It is stiff. Playshion might be the most versatile and user-friendly longboard brand that I’ve tried. Longboarding is one of the most popular outdoor activities worldwide for people of all ages because it’s exciting and fun. You will find lots of longboard brands to avoid in the current marketplace. If you are an adult and are thinking about what size longboard to get, you should first consider your riding style. If you are selecting your second board, go for one of the premium brands (like Sector 9), you will be able to appreciate the difference. Anyways, I really hope that now you have an understanding of what are the better brands in the market. You can’t pick a better one than Bustin. Moreover, the components are of the highest quality materials. This will affect how they would ride and control a longboard. But again, it depends on what you are looking for. You simply need to look through and pick the right one for yourself. After reading this you should be able to accurately pick the right longboard brand or go with one of the suggestions below. The biggest reasons for my choices are the good price that won’t hurt your bank and ease of ride within a couple of minutes thanks to their great balance and stability.

Perfect carving: this longboard is famous for its long carving. What makes this brand stand out is their extensive lineup and varied graphics. Must be something in their water eh? The only downside with this brand is that the boards might be a little expensive. Assuredly, these brands hopefully worth to you and will be providing you marvelous experience. Unique fact: All boards are made in their small factory out of a bamboo and laminate construction. Highlighting that the trucks and wheels will not be the best. They think something within lines of ‘Maybe board X is not the fastest and sounds like a garbage truck but hey, I have only paid 40$ for that’. They also own the Orangatang wheel brand, which is known for their amazing wheels. Tsunami tech is pretty serious and it features advanced construction techniques. Especially, Atom longboard comes with high-quality materials and they always assure their customer satisfaction. Your email address will not be published. have been making skateboards for a while now, Lush Machine 80s – The Machine is a similar downhill board with a kicktail.

One thing I have observed is how in love people are with their products. It is the second company which is based in Canada. It is fast longboard and as such it is the best for professional and intermediate. Disclaimer, 8 of the best longboard brands & companies and what to avoid. A: If you know skateboard, and what it looks like, there is no much difference between it and longboard. This very old brand is constantly proving it’s self-glory by constantly improving its quality. Prism makes a variety of high-quality skateboards to suit every rider. In addition, the products made by this company can provide more security. I personally would save another 40-50 dollars and go for Atom instead of the cheapest boards around. This is critically important because we never know when accidents can happen. Globe; Atom; Dusters; 8Bit; Ehlers; Bahne; Quest; Penny; Kryptonics; OBFive; GoldCoast; Yocaher (As a general reference: Anything that is NOT on Muirskate.com) Helmets And that’s probably why the demand for them is going up. Enjoy the ride!

If you have any questions, comments or just want to chat, hit me up via the contact form. This brand is good for professional riders. Unfortunately, a lot of their products are on the pricey end of the premium equipment. On the other hand, while you know which are the saddest, definitely you will avoid them and save your money. When it is dirty, you can always clean it using alcohol solution. These guys are an elite brand that should be considered in the same ranks with Landyachtz and Rayne. These are considered the best because of their superior features. We should be prepared to prevent the worst. 80% of their decks are crafted from hardwood maple made strong enough for riding downhill or cruising. It is the best for those who want to get the best fun that comes from longboarding. Volador is a super phenomenal brand in the longboarding world. Also, these longboards are very easy to use; with enough flex, you can keep the balance on these longboards quite smoothly. It also features an 80s inspired graphic. It’s not uncommon to see a longboard of theirs in the street. This is yet another longboarding company in California. The company has already established a distinct identity by making a variety of longboards including carving, sliding, downhill, turning.This is one of the best longboard brands Reddit in the present marketplace! In 2002 Loaded has launched their very first board ‘The Vanguard’ but at that time it did not go popular or attract too much attention. Their longboard’s average sizes are 38-42inches. I would recommend this brand to beginners or those with a tight wallet. If you are looking to support a brand that also supports the community. The best pintail longboard is quite popular among the longboards of this type. The deck is composed of the finest hardwood materials. Their affordable prices present a low-barrier of entry for everyone. I’ve been skateboarding streets since I was about 9. If you are a creative person and like drawing (or stickers) on your boards, this one is for you. Its sidewinder truck setting makes for flexibility and stability in riding. In addition, due to their very good performance in the previous 18 years, the company has quickly occupied one of the top positions in popularity. If I had to summarise, I would say that drop downs and drop throughs are good for beginners in all riding styles. Critical in maintaining longboarding as industry and getting beginners stoked. But with the Baltic Sea not offering the best surfing conditions (think cold, ice, and subzero temperatures), they looked towards land to fulfill their need.

You have probably come across this brand through a viral video or seen someone riding their deck around town. You have probably come across this brand … You want the setup to be lightweight.

Lastly, make sure they like the board. The longboard is not difficult to move. This company has a funny story how they came up with their name. This ensures absolute quality, at least in my opinion. Required fields are marked *. Most importantly, when you are on the road, you have to respect yourself and other road users. Their main focus is producing longboards and as a by-product, also produce all terrain and electric skateboards. They firmly believe that a quality product will sell itself. It will always move once you use your feet.

Loaded does not only produce longboards but also snowboards, sliding gloves, protective gear and wheels. You want to guess which? That’s really embarrassing and awkward for me. Because most of the professional riders got their hands dirty with the best beginner longboard of this brand called Atom. failed. But there has some unique longboard brands provide high-class materials longboard at a cheap price. Using recycled materials and products from sustainable sources of supply. So in a word, you can rely on the products of quest longboards without any hesitation. Unique fact: For every skateboard sold, Landyachtz will plant a tree. Meaning they would look great hanging on your wall, as they would on your feet. If you are a beginner, we do not recommend starting this type of riding. Before we go in to the story, do you want to guess where was the brand launched? Their love for skating shines through. It seems these guys have stopped being very active, leaving their boards in limited supply. You can definitely find some unique pieces through them. Adding on to our list of good longboard brands from Canada. They provide extra durability with a guarantee. Their US foundation is also one of the major reasons for drawing my attention to it from the first place because I … The two founders of this company have left a unique impression on themselves in making the drop-down longboards. Straight outta Cali! If you have seen their longboards you usually immediately recognize them because of the interesting design which is not produced by other companies.

But some of our expert team members regularly use this brand for their own, and they are quite very happy about it.

Their boards are so good, the current downhill skating world champion Thiago Lessa rides a deck made in their factory. This is the ideal for free riders and free style, you can ride anywhere you like. It requires large wheels in order to sustain the ample pressure. EightBit – More Than A Bit To Know About This Longboard Brand Yocaher – The Longboard Brand Every Beginner Will Love In my opinion, they excel in producing cruiser boards. Some would even say that it is the best choice for riders who are just starting out. After long research, I can’t stop myself from admiring this brand. Arbor uses lucid grip tape – that means that you see the beautiful wooden surface of the deck once you ride it. A: That depends on the type of longboard you use. Alongside the boards they also produce trucks, wheels and some high quality accessories. I hope after read out the whole article you will able to find your perfect longboard brand to buy a longboard. Furthermore, it has a unique design. There are different brands on the market and learners cannot just pick anyone they like. This is because their boards had to be rigid and durable enough to handle the wet and cold weather of the PNW (pacific northwest). For example: If you want to push a long distance, a longer, wider board is best for it. They make them all from locally sourced Canadian maple. They produce their own wheels and own the Gullwing truck brand. Most trust-worthy longboards brands are Atom Longboard brand, Quest brand, Volador brand, and Sector 9 brand.
Products from these brands will be just as good.

These brands are respected but are not considered as ‘top notch’ in the longboarding community. I recommend you go out and grab one as soon as you can. Subsonic make a variety of decks, from cruiser to long distance pushers to downhill skating machines, and they all look fantastic. Having started out making the plastic cruisers in the 70s, these guys developed boards over the years to match industry trends and sometimes lead them. Prism makes a variety of high-quality skateboards to suit every rider. Best carving longboard for cruising around with the best longboards ! 100% yes! Moreover, it is made of high quality bearing. And it shows, their products are the cheapest on the market and therefore most accessible. If you are going for a longboard which is not made by one of the brands above, please be a bit more cautious, especially if it is a really cheap board – cheap boards from unknown brands are usually built in a low quality.

If you want a compact board to commute short distances, get something as large as Penny Nickel (28in long) or a short as a Penny Original (22in). These guys are the real OGs.

The only downside after such phenomenal performance is the high price that I will only suggest for pros, intermediates, or those who can afford them. They are one of the best longboard brands.

These guys know their stuff.

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