tomcat bait chunx dog ate

Didn’t know at the time of ingestion but noticed her not feeling well Tuesday night. Now to hope that there’s no lasting damage. They induced vomiting and Charcoal treatment. Do not buy it for any reason, or bring it into your house or property! Topics: Well we lost her and all the puppies today. I’d rather pay more for smaller quantities up to just under my pet’s weight per toxic dose. We also called Tomcat poison control who told us there is no antidote. We called the toll free number on the box. Vetted blog (3/12), (Reading, Pa.) (3/11). One thing that might help folks in the future is the 6 simple rules I try to follow for my pets wellbeing… (it’s not treatment advice for others, just some rules I give myself.). 5) If I’m too unsure or lazy to read and comprehend the label, to do the research for what may not be on the label and/or the math for toxic levels for pets and treatments… then I don’t bring the posion home and/or allow the pet to roam off leash in areas where such poisons could be deployed. I am devastated. At first we gave him several servings. Cat Emergency, Don’t let dogs scavenge on walks — especially around parks, schools, and restaurants. They said after 48 hours with no symptoms that she should be in the clear. 80 lb boxer and 7 lb Chihuahua both ate tomcat rat poison. The first night I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried I would wake up and he’d be gone. My husband was somewhat careless with the poison because of the label. I’ve been researching it, and there seems to be little they can do, but more than I can do myself. pet safety, Do you know how long it took for a recovery? I grabbed what was left of the box & rushed her to the vet. I’m freakin gout. I’m watching my poor boy suffer after he found some of this “safer” toxin that the previous homeowner left behind and there is nothing I can do for him, I think what I’m most upset about is how it’s packaged. My dog is at the vet now. Tomcat with Bromethalin Bait Chunx contains the premium active ingredient Bromethalin, excellent for proven control of high rodent populations and severe infestations. This entry was posted Later that day we found out she had ingested Tom Cat Bromethalin mice poison. Why is this even legal?

My wife used it and thought she had removed all of them when she got our doge. My dog ate one block of Tomcat Bait Chunx with bromethalin She is a 7 year old 60 lb German shorthair Veterinarian's Assistant:I'll do all I can to help. When he pooped it out, I looked around and found the bucker overturned, and half missing. The Expert will know if your dog will be able to digest that. I believed it was the tomcat but I was not sure. I FOUND OUT MY DOBERMAN MAY HAVE ATE 4 PIECES OF THIS POISON SO FAR HE HASNT GOTTEN ANY SYMPTONS, I BELIEVE HE ATE THEM ABOUT 5 HOURS AGO AND SADLY I AM NOT HOME. I let her down. He was very lethargic Sunday and Monday after seeing the vet, but now he is back to normal and energetic as ever!

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