1. Forklift Rental

  • We offer several types of Forklifts and specialty attachments for a number of lifting, carrying and placing applications.


2. Warehouse Picker

  • Take orders from customers or companies regarding needed product items
  • Locate product in the warehouse using location forms
  • Pull products from shelves and ensure that they are not damaged
  • Test products (such as electronic) to ensure that they are in proper working order
  • Use racking systems and forklifts to pull order from shelves or stores
  • Place orders of pallets for shipping purposes
  • Load and unload shipments and place shipments on racking systems
  • Complete necessary paperwork and prepare invoices
  • Operate barcode scanners during put-away processes
  • Pack item kits in accordance to specifications provided by the customer or company
  • Ensure the accuracy of each order
  • Ensure a clean working area at all times
  • Refer to pick reports for work orders
  • Mark items with stock codes
  • Track and maintain inventory for all items in storage
  • Transport pallets to loading docks and assist in unloading items
  • Document every action on paper and in a predefined database
  • Perform maintenance of assembly tracks and forklifts on a periodic basis
  • Seal all pulled orders in shrinking plastic to ensure safety
  • Perform stocking duties and ensure restocking of each product pulled from the inventory

3. Warehouse Porter

  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Moving merchandise within warehouse and sales floor
  • In-store Warehouse support.
  • This associate also assists with inventory control
  • Tagging product
  • Other duties as assigned by management.

4. Warehouse Operator

  • Taking delivery of goods and supplies
  • Checking for damaged or missing items
  • Storing goods
  • Moving stock around by hand, using lifting gear or a forklift truck
  • Picking and packing orders
  • Loading goods for dispatch (some jobs include delivering)
  • Keeping records of stock
  • Keeping paperwork up to date
  • Cleaning work areas