Production Operation Solutions

Pioneering in the industry providing human resource solutions since 2008 with the first service is the production solution. Green Speed ​​has a great experience of recruiting human resources for the factory, managing capacity as well as performance in the production at the customer's factory. Currently, we have more than 20,000 personnel have been provided and worked at the clients factory and is directly managed by 120 project managers. Moreover, Green Speed ​​every year receives more than 152 satisfaction from clients across the country. We are responsible for the scope of the work as follows:
- Looking for candidates for the following positions:casual labor, shift leader , supervisor,..... and positions according to each separate request of clients.
- Sign contracts and record documents with candidates
- Calculate and payment salary for employees
- Responsible for operating and managing the performance of workers
With the production solution service, in addition to the scope of the above, Green Speed ​​will create a separate scope of work according to the requirements of each customer requirements. That helps customers have many suitable options for the budget and also culture and business management according to the client's policies.




In early 2020, Green Speed ​​partnered with the leading Japanese market company UT Group and creating Green Speed ​​Joint Stock Company. Both Green Speed ​​and Ut Ggroup have the same vision aiming to provide quality outsourcing services for Southeast Asia.